Agency Growth Plan

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2022 Goals & Targets
Income Goal Q1 $100k
Income Goal Q4 $250k

Key Objectives

Clear plan for the year

Specific targets broken down by quarter / month

KPIs - Key Performance Indicators

Audit your current business & identify the gaps

Plan out & Calendarize your approach

Starting Snapshot

What is your current monthly recurring revenue?

How many clients do you currently have on retainer?

How much will your monthly recurring revenue be in 2022

How many clients will you be serving?

Monthly Revenue: # Of Clients:


How many strategy sessions will you need per month to hit the target?

Strategy Session Target: 5

Average Close Rate: 0.25

Monthly Strategy Session Needed to Hit Target: 20

Why is hitting this target important to you?

How will your life be better once you've achieved it?

Commit to track your KPI's. What you track & measure always improves

Track Weekly: Move Forward Conversations, Strategy Sessions, Proposals, Clients Sold, Revenue.

Vision Exercise:

Take out your phone and record a quick video to your future self (at the end of 2021).

  • “Wow..what a year 2021 has been. 
  • I’m so grateful that my agency is now doing X per month in revenue
  • We serve X number of clients
  • My life has changed because I can now X, Y, Z

Financial Freedom

Being able to support family and have more time

New Home

450-500k House

Location Independence

New Car

Infinite QX80

Corvette Stingray


Awesome lifestyle / work-life balance

Planned Vacations: 1 Long Weekend Per month - 1 Week Per Quarter

Build the Plan: Identify the Gaps & Missing Elements



Choose a Niche

Specialized & Productized Service

Standardize Everything

Selling Monthly Recurring

Monthly Minimum of $1k+

Collecting via Credit Card

Auto Credit Billing Mechanism in Place

Sales & Retention Tracking Sheet to Track Goals & Targets

Niche Targeted Funnel

Full Appointment Funnel

Join National Association

CRM / Marketing System

Cold Outreach Sequence

Google Ads, SEO, FB Ads, Direct Mail

Core Presentation, Webinars, Podcast

Confident Sales, Proposals, Contracts



Onboarding Process Mapped

New Client Launch Sequence

Sending Gift Basket / Welcome box

Launch Process Mapped

Tracking all Key Metrics

Project Management System in Place & Being Updated

Reporting Key Metrics Monthly

Proactively Reaching Out for Monthly Review

Recap video being sent for those that can't/won't meet

Focusing on Client Results


Org Chart in Place

Developing Team

Conducting Daily Huddles

Financial Controls

Closing books on Monthly Basis (Quickbooks)

Setting Aside 15% for Taxes each month

Meeting with CPA monthly to review P&L

What do you need to put into place this year?

Join Local CHAMBER

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Friendly Cold Calling

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Niche YOUTUBE Channel

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RANK Locally / Run Local ADS

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Learn to solve the rubik's cube the rubik's cube

Memorize anything with ease learn to solve the age of content marketing.

Key Activities

Transition Plan

Reality: From This...
Roadblocks: To Overcome...
Results: To This...

Next Steps

Set Your Goals
Block the key activities in your calendar
Stress Test & Modify